Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Not just for decoration

Our new SPVA videocast looks at the MOD Medal Office.

In the second of our series of videocasts, ‘Veterans Today’, presenter Don Goldie examines the work of the MOD Medal Office.

Based at Imjin Barracks in Gloucestershire, the Medal Office is the sole authority for the issue of Service medals authorised by Her Majesty to British Service personnel and veterans.

The programme traces the history of military awards and takes a behind the scenes look at the skilled and painstaking work undertaken by the office which receives hundreds of medal applications every week.

The latest videocast provides a fascinating insight into the workings of an office that, even today, is dealing with hundreds of applications for Second World War medals as well as those awarded in current campaigns.”

The videocast will be available to view on the Veterans-UK website, and on various social media sites such as iTunes and YouTube.

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