Monday, 9 January 2012

Make Your Opinion Count

The Veterans' Customer Satisfaction Survey is available to complete up until the end of February

The Veteran's Customer Satisfaction Survey was launched online today, 9 January, and if you are part of the veteran's community we urge you to have your say.

SPVA provides pay, pension and support services to both Military Personnel and the Veteran's Community, directly serving around 900,000 members of the Armed Forces Community.

The survey is based around the services provided to veterans, with emphasis on; how they contact us and how we correspond; making a claim; the Veteran's Welfare Service and how information about SPVA is obtained.

Over 3,000 people took part in the 2011 survey and this kind of feedback is extremely useful to establish what is important to the individuals that use our services.

Jon Parkin, Head of SPVA Veterans Services, recording the podcast

As Jon Parkin, Head of SPVA Veterans Services said in his recent podcast interview;

"...the survey is not just here to give us a pat on the back. We want and need to know the bad as well as the good about the services received. The only way we can do this is by getting feedback from our customers."

The survey is entirely anonymous and no-one will be contacted by phone or sent mailings as a result of completing it.

The survey can be accessed here, the survey will close on 29 February 2012.

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