Friday, 2 March 2012

It's weekly round up time

SPVA staff in action

So last weekend, SPVA had a stand at the 'Who Do You Think You Are - Live' exhibition.  It was a great event to attend, where we could raise awareness of our relevant services to the audience of historians, amateur geologists, etc.   We spoke to over 1,000 people over the weekend (and that's not counting people visiting the stand and taking away our information).  We even had a celebrity visitor - Tony Robinson from the Time Team!

Getting ready for another busy exhibition day

On Twitter, we now have over 800 followers, so we want to say thank you to our followers for supporting us and sharing our tweets.  If you use Twitter, then don't forget to follow us.

The Facebook timeline roll-out has reached the official SPVA Facebook page and we think it looks rather good.   With our current number of followers (or should that be 'likers'), we have the potential to reach over 200,000 people, which is an amazing concept from a communications point of view.  This doesn't mean that we don't want or need more followers, so please like our page or share our links.

Our customer satisfaction survey closed, over 2,000 people completing the survey online, so thank you for taking part.

We are adding more updates to our Charity Hub and events calendar.  If you are planning an event or work for a charity, that supports veterans, then make sure you submit details for consideration.

Visit our Veterans Community News page and find out which regional service for the Armed Forces Community received royal approval this week.

One final note, our website received ABC accreditation this week, after being audited based on our January 2012 statistics, where we had over 60,000 visits to our site.

We are currently developing our next videocast and podcast to be released over the next few months. So in the meantime, take a look at our YouTube channel or visit our podcast library to look or listen to our archives.

Have a good weekend!

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