Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Royal British Legion and SPVA ‘attract' Attention from Service families with launch of new fridge magnet

Air Commodore Chris Bray (centre) SPVA Head of Military Operations and Development, with Craftsman Cryans (left), Support Battalion – Allied Rapid Reaction Corp and Petty Officer Knight (Royal Navy), both with their fridge magnets ready for when they deploy to Afghanistan early next year.
SPVA joined forces with The Royal British Legion (TRBL) to produce 252,000 magnetic emergency contact cards for the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC).

The JCCC is the first point of contact for Service families in the event of a family emergency or domestic crisis that requires the return of a Service person from deployments overseas. Service personnel will be familiar with the JPA P001 cardboard card that has been in circulation since JCCC’s formation in April 2005. This small card, about the size of a credit card, provides families with clear and easy to follow guidance on how to contact the JCCC in a crisis or family emergency, such as a sudden illness or accident involving a loved one.

JPA P002 Fridge Magnet

But when feedback from the Services suggested something more durable might be helpful, TRBL and SPVA teamed up to produce a new magnetic version – aptly named the JPA P002. The magnet is easily attached to fridges, washing machines or other metal surfaces so it’s to hand when it’s most needed. Funded by TRBL and distributed by SPVA, the double-sided card also now features website information for TRBL and other organisations providing support for Service families.

The Royal British Legion Director of Welfare, Sue Freeth, said:

“The Royal British Legion is proud to be working in partnership with the MOD to inform the Armed Forces community where to seek help in times of a family crisis.

“The £30k we have invested into the production of fridge magnets will ensure Armed Forces households across the UK have the JCCC’s number stored in a convenient and easily accessible place in case of an emergency.

“The Legion can offer a raft of support to Service personnel and their families when dealing with a death or illness in the family. We can provide advice and guidance on the Armed Forces Compensation scheme, funds to meet immediate needs, online support networks and free independent legal advice to bereaved families.

“It is vital the Service community know who to turn to for support and by working closely with the MOD on this project we’re able to place that advice directly where its needed.”

Air Cdre Chris Bray SPVA Head of Military Operations and Development said:

“My thanks go to TRBL for their support with this initiative. It’s an excellent example of how the MOD and charities like the TRBL can work together to produce something simple but really useful. The JCCC provides a vital function for Service families. I am sure those deployed on operations or overseas will be reassured by the knowledge their loved ones have this information close to hand in the event of a family emergency.”

SPVA’s JCCC is located at Imjin Barracks, Gloucester and provides casualty reporting and compassionate travel services for all three branches of the UK’s Armed Forces. JCCC is manned 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year and makes and receives over 86,000 telephone calls per year.

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