Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New Medal for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

The one-off medal is made of nickel silver and designed by Timothy Noad, a professional calligrapher and illuminator
Members of the Armed Forces will be presented with a medal to mark Her Majesty The Queen's Diamond Jubilee in February 2012.

The commemorative medal designed to mark the Queen's 60 years on the throne will be awarded to members of the emergency services, Prison Service and the following Armed Forces personnel:
  • members of the Armed Forces (Regular and Reserves) who have completed five full calendar years of service on 6 February 2012;
  • living holders of the Victoria Cross and George Cross; and
  • members of the Royal Household.
 Full details of the qualifying criteria for the medal will be published later this summer.


  1. Dear sir

    I feel the attached petition will be of interest to your readers.

    Regards to all

    Mike Lingard CPO Royal Navy (ret)
    Fareham Hants

    Diamond Jubilee Medal




    Petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/3747

    Next year the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal will be presented to service personnel, emergency service personnel and prison officers with more than five years service. There are no plans to award the medal to veterans, many of whom have given a lot more than five years service during the reign of Her Majesty.

    This petition asks that the medal should also be awarded to veterans who served Her Majesty during her 60 years on the throne.

    Please sign THEM online, pass this on to everyone you know veteran or not

  2. if after25 years of service including south atlantic, numerous non national conflicts (gulf iran v iraq) evacuations of british personnel gulf etc etc we have to beg for this medal over a prison officer who has done five years in the library wing, then is it really worth having?
    ex WO RN

  3. From a personal viewpoint, I am rapidly approaching 40 years unbroken service to the crown; starting with the reserves, 24 years in the regulars and then to the Police as support staff. Next February I would have served through three jubilees. I would value a DJM as a mark of recognition for my service. Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in all that Queen and Country stuff.

    There are a great many forums covering this subject and some very valid comments have been made against a blanket award to all veterans.

    One chap has indicated that it could be made available to those that want it, possibly for a token payment; lets face it, the Government is under severe pressure to reduce the deficit and it is a wonder they have decided to award on the scale that they already have - without the addition of veterans.

    Others have also commented that those personnel invalided from the services because of wounds received in action, and with less than five years service, would possibly not qualify. These lads (and lasses) should be considered before those of us only now just starting to suffer physical disability through age, and not through enemy action.

    As for the emergency services; having worked for the Police for over 10 years, I have been amazed at some of the problems and day-to-day dangers that many of them face; believe me, every time a beat officers (or PCSO) puts on their uniform and goes out of the station, they are potentially putting their life on the line. Be in no doubt of that. That said, I have worked with some Police officers who are desk bound – they are paid significantly more than I am, but for doing the same virtually the same job. So therefore, why can't I be considered for the same medal as them for working in the same environment and facing the same risks - what is more, compared with many of them, I have twice the length of service ! I know of several who have sold their Golden Jubilee medals on ebay, and no doubt they will do the same again. Times must be hard, either that or they do not place any value on what is in effect a gift from our Sovereign.

    People also comment that awarding the DJM on such a scale would de-value it. In what respect ? On a monetary scale, they will never be worth much anyway. Much of the value in medals comes with who it is named to; ie, the medal to the CO of a cavalry unit would attract substantially more than an identical medal to a Private in the RLC (for example). The DJM will probably be issued unnamed as has been common practice for 100 hundred years; the last of this type issued named was the George V Coronation Medal in 1911. The value comes in what it means to the recipient and not its earning potential on ebay. So let those that do not want it, exercise their right not to accept it.

    Finally, the cynics amongst the veterans ask the question "when would it be worn" ? The answer for most of us would be probably never. I have never worn my medals since I left the RN (3 x campaign & LSGC), even on remembrance day. But I would be chuffed, nay proud, to be awarded a DJM.

    I would encourage all Veterans to sign the petition.

    ex PO RN - Gosport.

  4. Having served fifteen years and as a veteran I feel that we all should be eligible. I have been ion the e-petition site and keep getting kicked out. I would also gladly pay for the medal myself if necessary.

    ex 1QLR

  5. I am an RAN (Australian Navy) reservist and left the permanent navy in 2008 at the rank of Warrant Officer after 35 years service.

    In that time we never received any of the jubilee medals. A token amount were given to "special cases" (non military), but I believe that as an Australian and with the Queen as our head of state, we should have recieved the same as the RN members. When I joined I pledged allegiance to the crown (Queen), and my nation, while independantly governed, displays allegiance to the royal system through references on our currency, and all our "royal" titles in our legal system. I believe the dominions are having their cake and eating it - are royal when it suits, but not when they have to shell out for medals. I served in the "Royal" Australian Navy; My uniform is adorned with crowns that are of the monarch; we should proudly display allegiance to our sovereign through the wearing of jubilee medals.

    Ken Hockey

    Ex WO PNF Aust
    WO AARes

  6. As far as I am aware The Commonwealth of Australia is a federal constitutional monarchy under a parliamentary democracy. Section 1 of the Australian Constitution creates a democratic legislature, the bicameral Parliament of Australia which consists of the Queen and two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The role of head of state of Australia is divided between two people, the Queen of Australia and the Governor-General of Australia, who is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister of Australia. The Sovereign of Australia, currently Queen Elizabeth II,
    In a 1999 referendum, the Australian people voted on a proposal to change the Constitution. The proposal was defeated and the Sovereign of Australia remains’ Queen Elizabeth II
    Therefore we SHOULD be celebrating the Queen’s birthday as our head of state and awarding a Queens jubilee medal in Australia for service, to be awarded to members of the emergency services, Prison Service, and Armed Forces personnel (regular and reserves) who have completed FOUR full calendar years of service on 6 February 2012 the qualifying time period the same as the Australian Defence Medal (ADM)
    I come from a family who have served our country and our respective reigning monarch’s since 1911, I am the sixth member to serve spanning from WW1, WW2, National service to the present day. We have all sworn an oath on a Bible to serve our country and our King/Queen
    I think it is a shame that our blatantly pro republic and atheist Government is not celebrating the momentous occasion of the diamond jubilee of our Monarch Queen Elizabeth the Second with the respect she and her Dominions deserve! Only one other reigning monarch that has achieved this in history and that was Queen Victoria. Our country should be celebrating HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second achievement along with the fifteen other Commonwealth realms
    I personally would be honored to wear a medal recognizing my service to the Queen as it was her I swore an oath to! (I swear that I will well and truly serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors according to law, as a member of the Australian Army) and no elected representative
    I am tempted to wear a Queens diamond jubilee medal as a protest against Australians not being recognized and receiving one unlike Britain and Canada who ARE recognizing their fellow countryman’s service and awarding a medal

  7. I was on active service in 1953 (Malaya)no Coronation Medal.After 24 years service and holder of the LSGC Medal I will be so disapointed to miss out again.
    Ex Warrant Officer (rtd)
    Royal Signals

  8. I did 27 years in the Royal Signals and it would be great if all veterans got on. We won't because of the cost. Although we seem to have enough money for sending to overseas to countries, who would shoot us in the back as soon as look at us. How the heck do Prison officers qualify ? Surely that must be a mistake.

    Ex Signals

  9. Between my grandfather, father, cousins and myself we have 97 years service, most during the Queens reign. My cousin gave his life in service. None of us have a silver, gold or now diamond Jubilee medal.
    Do I care, not really, to me medals should recognise exceptional acts of bravery or leadership, not just being there. I am proud to have served Queen and country, I have my operational medals and my vetrans badge I chose to serve and I dont need a medal to recognise it. Prehaps when a lot of vetrans served, (me included) we couldnt be recognised in public wearing uniform and the oppotuity to gain medals were very limited.
    I really cant get the image of mutley, I wonder why?

  10. After doing continuing service for 25 years in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and a further 19 years in uniform with the MoD I do believe that we veterans should be awarded the DJM even if we have to pay for it , whereas my agency collegues just sit around doing the same job as I do, get their DJM and throw it in their desk drawer


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