Friday, 30 September 2011

Tell Us Once

The Tell Us Once service will help make notifiying bereavement easier

SPVA and Tell Us Once have joined forces to offer a birth and bereavement Service for Service personnel and veterans.

From the middle of October, our Agency will be joining the cross-government Tell Us Once Service.  Tell Us Once is a voluntary service rolling out nationally over the next few months.  It will make things significantly easier for people reporting a birth or bereavement. Tell Us Once removes the need for citizens to report the same birth or bereavement to government multiple times. 

Tell Us Once will be offered by local authorities and a simple postcode search on the Directgov website will tell you if Tell Us Once is available in your area.  Each local authority that offers Tell Us Once may have its own additional services designed around local needs.  Depending on the local council Tell Us Once will be offered as a short interview after the registration process, or by telephone.

Tell Us Once is already available in 44 local authorities and has been used by about 60,000 people. At present it informs 24 local and central government services such as tax credits, child benefits and blue badges. Information will also be passed on to us, so we can update our records and offer support more quickly to families who need it. 

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