Wednesday, 12 October 2011

If you don't know where to start...StartHere!

Our latest podcasts focus on this online information service.
StartHere is an online information service where you can search for information on help and support services that are available locally or on a national basis.

A number of organisations, including SPVA, have been working with the StartHere charity to provide specific guidance for the Armed Forces Community.

Spanning two podcasts; the first podcast is now available. It features presenter Joanne Lowe interviewing Jane Gammage, Community Partnerships Manager from StartHere, as she explains more about this innovative service.

Jane said:

"Providing access to reliable information about the services available to them is a crucial step to help people get the support to really make a difference to their lives. This is what StartHere is all about and we are really pleased to be able to make that difference to members of the Armed Forces Community. After listening to the podcast, take a look at StartHere".

The second podcast will be released next week and features presenter Clare Ellis speaking to Harvey Tilley, Assistant Director - Welfare Services for the Royal British Legion to find out about their involvement.

The podcast and other SPVA social media products are available to access on the SPVA Social Media Hub via the Veterans-UK website, and on various social media sites such as iTunes and YouTube.

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