Friday, 21 October 2011

StartHere . . . again!

StartHere provides online signposting for help and support

Our second podcast about the online information service is now available,

If you don't know where to go . . . then you should start here

In this second podcast, presenter Clare Ellis interviews Harvey Tilley, Assistant Director - Welfare Services from The Royal British Legion.

The Royal British Legion is one of the partner organisations working with StartHere

Harvey said:

“Helping our beneficiaries find and locate information to help them help themselves is key to our long term strategy. StartHere provides quality, trusted information that is not easily available anywhere else and it is very easy to use. The Royal British Legion has received extremely positive feedback on StartHere and we aim to build on this as part of our new strategy.”  

The podcast and other SPVA products are available to access on the SPVA Social Media Hub via our website and on various social media sites such as iTunes and YouTube.

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