Monday, 24 October 2011

A chance to say Thank You

Crackit Productions are looking for inspirational people who have dedicated a lot of time to helping others, who they will reward with a special treat on their new Channel 4 show. They are asking people to nominate a person who has touched their lives in some way and would like to say Thank You. The deserving people could be foster parents, carers, volunteers, charity workers, or even community heroes and they would like to talk to those whose lives have been touched by these people. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reward someone whose hard work may not previously have been recognised.

There may be many worthy nominees within the Armed Forces Community, so please help raise awareness of this appeal. If you can think of someone you would like to nominate, please get in touch and remember the treat for the person being nominated is a surprise, so they must not know they are being nominated!

 To put their name forward for this show either email  or call 0207 292 3581 / 07531 834 187.

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